There are three main projects that I have been involved in while working at the University of Newcastle. You can find out more about each of these by clicking the Project Details button on each of the items below.

Coding and STEM 4 Schools

2013 - Present

Since 2013, I have worked with a team of educators and engineers to prepare resources for and co-ordinate a variety of professional learning programs for upskilling teachers for the Digital Technologies curriculum.

Literacy Apps

2014 - 2016

I worked with a team of educators and engineers to develop the iOS versions of the Apostrophe Power and Sentence Hero mobile learning apps. I also applied Serious Games Analytics to data collected through the Apostrophe Power app to gain understanding about how players interacted with the app.


2018 - Present

Recently, I have begun to develop resources for people that are eager to learn about how to create VR scenes (focusing on WebVR tools). I am planning to create an online course and to run workshops for teachers that want to introduce VR into their lessons.